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Stonyfield Organic - Good On Purpose

This promotion has ended.

Did you know that a serving of Stonyfield Organic plain yogurt has the same amount of protein as a medium egg*? Enjoy it with your favorite granola and fruit for a filling breakfast that’s fast, easy and delicious!

You can also use our yogurt as a swap in your favorite baked goods - just use ¼ cup of yogurt for each egg.

Thank you for your interest! The Stonyfield Egg Swap Giveaway is now closed. The limited supply has been claimed. 

Swap out eggs for Stonyfield Yogurt

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Why Stonyfield Organic Yogurt?

Stonyfield Organic | Good On Purpose
Supporting small organic family farms is an important piece of Stonyfield's foundation. We want to do our part to strengthen the next generation of farmers and help them thrive. That's why we buy our organic milk from people we know. When you buy Stonyfield Organic yogurt, you're supporting small organic dairy farms.


Save Family Farms


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